Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Community Involvement

One of the things I have been testing out is how getting involved with your community helps to grow the business. I have made an effort to get involved with our local chamber of commerce and it has proven to be quite successful. Reaching out to the community allows you to meet others in a similar position and generates leads and ideas. Not only have I met some great people but I have gotten some great ideas as well. For instance, this morning I attended our chambers business breakfast and listened to a speaker talk about Google Adwords. This honestly was above me. I know almost nothing about the subject, but it motivated me to research it. If anyone has some good resources on the subject please pass them my way.
My seminar on LinkedIn yesterday was helpful. It reinforced many things for me and also allowed me to generate some ideas for what I want to do to our page. I'm thinking of upgrading to the paid version of LinkedIn. Does anyone have any thoughts are feelings about how it works and it's advantages?

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