Thursday, August 20, 2009

My very own account

Last night I attended a LinkedIn session held by the Princeton Rotary. I figured, since I have been cracking down and learning all that I can about the subject, I might as well give it a try myself. So last night, after the very well done presentation, I created my own account. For me it was a perfect decision because I have been out networking and have accumulated a stack of business cards. So, after my account was finished I proceeded to find my new found friends on LinkedIn. This has really helped organize me since 90% of the people were there and now my roladex is online and portable. Not only that by I can also now check out who everyone else is connected to. To drive home the point, take the time and set up an account. It's well worth the hour your going to spend and you never know who's inside that 6-degrees of seperation!

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